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In Punta Cana there are thousands of homes ready to buy

In Punta Cana there are thousands of homes ready to buy

Punta Cana. In view of the increase in the demand for housing for working classes, caused by the massive transfer to the tourist area, investment groups have embarked on the construction of large housing projects to launch it to the best offer, in the so-called sector of construction, which generated 9.0% of the total Gross Domestic Product last year.

The idea of ​​those who will put the ballots in these projects is to provide the best comfort at the price, where customers stop paying expensive rents to get their homes. Closeness, comfort, space, security, are part of the variables that future owners will look for and that builders will take into account when investing in housing projects.

By mid-2018 and during 2019, other major projects will debut in the market to compete against others, which after being successful, go for the construction of more homes. It is a reflection of the economic growth of the Dominican economy that the Central Bank projects that creates more than 6 points in the first quarter of the year. The construction sector generated RD $ 320,000 million in the January-December period of last year, according to the Central Bank.

Among the residential that enter the real estate business, are: Las Gaviotas, Vida Verde, and Jardines de Pueblo Bávaro, and the others that are positioned, are Ciudad La Palma, Las Cayenas, Ciudad Caracolí, Ciudad del Sol, San Juan Lake, among others.

Residencial Vida Verde

One of the most ambitious projects that are built in Verón-Punta Cana is the Residencial Vida Verde, which will have in its 450,000 square meters of 2,070 three-room houses formed in 1,200 4-level apartments, and that could increase if it is modified The construction regulations, which are currently under debate between hoteliers and the Government, could rise to more floors.

Vida Verde will have two commercial plazas and a 90-room hotel with an ecological style in a 74,000 square meter commercial area, according to Roberto Melo Rodríguez, one of the investors, who also points out that by August 2018, they will deliver about 60 homes, in a projection of 100 units per year.

Also, it will have three housing models: One of US $ 85,000, (105 meters) that is currently on sale at US $ 69,000 of which only four remain; another of US $ 129,000, (150 meters) and another US $ 180,000, (220 meters). All are three rooms, only that vary in meters of construction and area vede.

With this project, the first stage could generate some RD $ 380 MM, and if the sales goals are met, some RD $ 400 MM will be sold per year, according to Melo Rodríguez project.

Playa Coral Punta Cana
Coral Beach, Punta Cana

Las Gaviotas Residencial

In an area of ​​good position in relation to shopping malls and urban centers, the project of 81 Las Gaviotas Residencial houses, located on the extension of Kiev street (in front of Cocotal), is just meters from the East Tourist Boulevard. The residential, of 21,670 square meters, is designed with family homes that range from one to three rooms. The homes of one room plus living room and two rooms have 55.68 square meters of a total of 161 square meters, at an amount of RD $ 2, 222,000. While the two and three bedroom homes cover 70.85 square meters on a plot of 161 square meters, and are valued at RD $ 2, 573,000.

The houses can be separated with 25% of starting paid in installments, and are managed under the La Nacional Trust Trust Law, according to information from Cesarina Abreu, director of Market and Sales. The Seagulls will be delivered in four phases: the first, in June of this year; the second, in October, the third, in February 2019, and the fourth, in June 2019. Before delivering the first phase, 80% of the homes are already sold.

Punta Bávaro

Located behind the Barceló road, the Punta Bávaro project is built, which will count from 50 to 100 units in the final part. But in the first phase, they will deliver 17 homes.

Like the other projects, they are houses focused on the working class. They are three bedrooms with three bathrooms, which cover 140 meters of construction, 300 square meters in total. They have a double carport, living room, kitchen, laundry area, laundry area, with a modern style. While the two bedrooms have 90 or 100 square meters, and 300 meters of land.

Edison Núñez and Martin Socorro, explained that it differs from the other projects, it is in the green area, which is more than the others. The first 10 homes will be ready by July of this year, and the entire project will be for more than three years. It will have a clubhouse, green area, children’s area, among others. It has the particularity that interested parties can finance directly with real estate, in case they do not meet the requirements to finance with banks.

Sarah de Los Angeles

Although it has not started its construction, this work will have 900 apartments with one to three rooms. The complex, aimed at the working sector that wishes to acquire its first home, will have 26 buildings that will cover 416 apartments type A, that is, three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom; 19 buildings with 304 apartments type B, with two bedrooms; and five buildings with 160 apartments type C, one bedroom.

They go for more
Among the projects that offered good results to its investors are, Ciudad La Palma, Cayenas, both of the company Hoyo Claro Devoloping Group, Terranova Carribean, and Caracolí city.

Las Palmas and Cayenas

In Ciudad La Palma, a project located and welcoming more than 6.5 million tourists who have caused this construction fever, has already delivered the first two stages, of a total of 1,500 homes. Now, they are in an expansion phase of 200 units with the same standards and quality of the project, which will be delivered at the end of 2018, as indicated by David Jiménez, Sales Manager.

In Cayenas, a project, consisting of a three-level building, has already delivered the homes of stages 1, and in October 2017 they began sales of stage 2, which are almost sold. In total, Ciudad Cayenas covers around 3,000 homes for families who wish to acquire their first home.

Ciudad Caracolí

Ciudad Caracolí, a project located on the Verón-Punta Cana highway, a few minutes from the Airport, developed by the Puntacana Group, has 420 apartments that are also aimed at the working sector.

Ciudad Caracolí Punta Cana
President of the Dominican Republic inaugurates Ciudad Caracolí

They are apartments Type A, with 2 rooms, and Type B, with 3 rooms, and in the project area the acquirers will be able to count on basic quality services, such as permanent electricity, drinking water, common gas, perimeter security, sanitary drainage and plants of wastewater management. They cover from 49.50 square meters, up to 52.20 square meters, and will have 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, balcony, kitchen, a bathroom and a parking lot per apartment. While the Type B apartments will have a construction area of ​​67.90 square meters, up to 72.29 square meters, and will have 2 rooms, the main one, which will have its bathroom and closet, and a secondary room with closet.

Terranova Caribbean

Newfoundland Caribbean, is a Venezuelan capital project that entered the real estate market has 42 houses in simple style, but has a compact design suitable for any family. The houses of the project, which is located on Barceló Avenue, in front of the premises of the Dominican Industrial Psychological University (UPID), measure 92 square meters in 200-meter plots, granite kitchen and integrated breakfast bar, master closet room and integrated bathroom .

San Juan Lake and Lake Oasis

They are two projects that add more than 400 villas and are focused for people with more income power than the previous ones. The villas cover more than 200 square meters and green areas and artificial lakes, points that make them attractive for those who want to come to the retreat area or second home.

The real estate continues to expand

This sector also accounted for 25% of the loans granted to the private sector for the purchase of homes. And from the point of view of emploomania, construction contributed 7.5% of the total employment of the Dominican economy, for a total of direct jobs of about 330,000, approximately in the entire national geography. In a global view, the sectors that influenced the Creole economy to grow 4.6% last year, according to the BC, are: Tourism (6.8%), Financial Services (6.2%), Agriculture (5.9%), Free Zones ( 5.5%), Transportation and Storage (5.1%), Construction (3.7%), Local Manufacturing (3.0%) and Commerce (3.0%).

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